Gods Unchained: A guide for crypto beginners

I wrote this guide for all the people who are using Gods Unchained and/or a crypto currency for the first time. If you've never used a crypto currency, the whole process can look complicated at a first glance, but relax: It isn't complicated. It's just unfamiliar.

Important: If you try to play from a country with special laws for loot boxes, you will likely be IP blocked (a VPN connection may be your friend :-) ).

What's the difference between Gods Unchained and other online card games like Hearthstone™ or Magic Arena™?

In an online card game you can get cards for cash and with these cards you can play in the specific game.
But because the cards are just some bits in the database of the game, the game developer has full control over your cards. He can deny trading and he can simply take your cards away.

In Gods Unchained all cards are minted as digital goods on the "Ethereum blockchain" and that means you have full control over your cards: You can trade them with every person you want, bringing back the "T" in "TCG"! And the game developer can't delete your cards, because once minted and transferred, it is impossible to delete that card.

Wait .. what? What is an Ethereum blockchain?

Ethereum is a digital currency (also called "crypto currency") which runs on a thing called "blockchain". Simply said, a blockchain is a uncheatable directory of account balances. The blockchain holds the currency itself (called "Ether" or short "ETH") and also "tokens", which can be created and transferred by special programs. The whole process works through complicated cryptological functions and a network of public servers, but this should not bother you, because in the end you have:

Your digital wallet: You can generate a (empty) wallet which consist of your public address and a private key. To this public address (it always starts with "0x") people can send you Ether/tokens and vice-versa. And with the private key you, and only you, have full control over your wallet. So it is crucial to always secure your private key.

Token(s): An entity on the blockchain representing an object, in our case a game card in Gods Unchained. Tokens can be freely transferred between wallets.

How to get Gods Unchained cards?

You don't need to buy cards to play Gods Unchained. There are free cards which can be used by everyone. All you need to do is to create an Ethereum wallet and link your Gods Unchained account with the public address of your wallet.

If you want to buy cards, see section "How to buy card packs?" below.

How do I create a wallet?

To create your (empty) wallet and interact with the blockchain, you need a free program called "Metamask":

  1. Install Metamask as a Chrome or Firefox addon
  2. Click the metamask logo () in the upper right corner of your browser
  3. Read and agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Secure your Metamask account with a strong password and click "Create".
  5. A new wallet (called "vault" in metamask) will be created. Metamask will display 12 "seed words". Write them carefully on a paper and store it in a safe place. These 12 words are your private key and you can restore your wallet with them (in case it is needed). Don't share these words with anyone! After double-checking the noted seed words, click "I've copied it somewhere safe".

Done! You've created an empty wallet.

How to play?

Gods Unchained is still in beta phase and currently you need to use a beta invite code, e.g. my code: Gods Unchained Beta Invite Key.
Download the Gods Unchained client, register an account and link your account with your wallet. Done!

You need a Windows PC or Apple Macintosh to play the game. Android and iOS clients are not available yet, but they are planned by the developer.

If you have questions or problems, feel free to ask the helpful people on the Gods Unchained Discord.

How to buy Gods Unchained card packs?

You need Ether to buy Gods Unchained cards. Currently the main problem is that there is no easy interface between physical currencies and crypto currencies. You need to create an account on a crypto trading platform to get Ether. There you have two options:

  1. Transfer money from your bank account to the trading platform and buy Ether for this (this takes 2 or more days)
  2. Buy Ether directly with your credit card

Option 2 is not always available (check out binance.com or bitstamp.net!). After buying Ether, you can transfer them into your wallet using your wallet's public address. When transfering Ether or tokens: Always double-check the recipient's address! A transaction, once executed, cannot be reverted.

Important: Don't confuse "Ethereum" (ETH) with the so called "Ethereum Classic" (ETC). This is another, incompatible crypto currency - you can't play Gods Unchained on this blockchain!

When you have transferred Ether to your wallet, visit the Gods Unchained website and allow access to Metamask. Choose which pack(s) you want to buy. Then a Metamask window opens and you have to review and confirm the transaction. For the transaction you have to pay a small amount of Ether, called "gas". This will choose how fast your transaction will be executed. Normally "slow" is the best option here, because the faster options cost much more gas and this is mostly unnecessary.

After confirming your transaction, it will be executed on the blockchain. After some minutes you should get a success message and you can open your pack(s) in the Gods Unchained "Temple". Just drag the pack (book) to the pillar and click on every backside of the 5 cards.

FYI: The above link contains my referral code which you can use as a small "thank you" if you like this guide. It has no drawbacks for you. Click here for the link without a referral code.

How to sell Gods Unchained cards?

Trading will be possible when the game is released. This should happen Oct/Nov 2019. After this event you can sell every card you own. To sell a card, it needs to be "activated" first. With this activation the card becomes a real token and is then sent to your wallet. From there you can trade the token/card freely for other cards or for Ether, which then can be exchanged back to cash, if needed.

Because trading isn't activated yet, you don't need to activate your cards currently.

Written by Tobias Wiersch for "Gods Unchained" (trademark of Immutable). Last change: 2019-10-11 (V1)

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